Louisiana lookie-loo

Pronounced Nack-a-tish, the small town of Natchitoches is found in the center of Louisiana. The city’s has the architectural landscape of New Orleans. The historic district along the banks of the Cane River feature the oldest general store, a replica of a French fortFort St. Jean Baptiste Historic Site, the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and history museum and many stores and restaurants. There is a nice park along the river. The tulips were in full bloom and we spent a nice afternoon here. On our way out of Louisiana and into Texas, we followed El Camino Real, the Royal (King’s) Road that originates in Mexico City and ends in Natchitohes. There are a few historic markers along the road, but it is basically a nice country road that winds between farms and small towns. One such town is Many, Louisiana. There were many water towers but not many people or places to see in the town of Many.The Lone Star State greeted us and we look forward to a full moon and more than a lone star in the night sky.

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