Natchez is Nice

Natchez is one the oldest settlements on the Mississippi River. The French captured the indigenous people and in 1716 built a fort and founded the town. Today, Natchez’s antebellum homes, with their moss-covered trees, offer old-fashioned southern charm and a business opportunity. Twice a year there are tours of several private homes.This open house tour is called The Pilgrimage. We have toured quite a few and they are all very well maintained. All have fascinating histories surrounding their architecture and family ownership, including Longwood, an octagonal mansion that was never completed due to the civil war. Along the bluffs of the Mississippi River there are many more mansions which are mostly B and B’s. They offer a great view of riverboats and barges along with stunning sunsets over Louisiana.We walked almost every block of historic downtown visiting the black history museum, the oldest synagogue in Mississippi, several churches and multiple historic homes including Richard Wright‘s, the author of Native Son. The National Park Service also maintains a big presence here. They offer tours of the Melrose mansion and the William Johnson house. There is a NPS visitor center at the starting point of the Natchez Trace as well. The flowers have begun to bloom and spring weather has added another level of southern charm to Natchez.On our way out of town, we stopped at the famous Mammy’s Cupboard for a piece of pie and a look at her horseshoe earrings. Natchez is nice as pie.

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