Happy trails in Nacogdoches, Texas

The oldest city in Texas has the largest azalea trail we’ve visited with more than 500 varieties of the spring flower including indigenous yellow and orange-colored varieties. Lucky for us, most were in bloom alongside dogwoods and Japanese maples at the Ruby and Gayla Mize Gardens on the Stephen F. Austin State University campus.A brochure with details about a barn quilt trail captured our attention. Barn quilts are single panels that are painted or sculpted and then displayed in windows or on sides of buildings or mailboxes. We did not see all of them but we managed to find quite a few on our way around town and in the county.The downtown is filled with interesting stores, historic bed and breakfasts, and restaurants along with the state’s oldest university building. Happy trails for us in Nacogdoches.

2 thoughts on “Happy trails in Nacogdoches, Texas

    1. Me either but they are cool. Some very creative squares not traditional like the Pennsylvania Dutch, there are some painted on mailbox flags, we even saw a knitted one! Thanks for the compliment on my photos

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