What happens south of Vegas…

We awakened to a frosted-over car and freezing temperatures at Bryce Canyon. We opted for a road trip instead of an uncomfortable hike. Approximately 7 miles south of Las Vegas is an art installation named Seven Magic Mountains by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. It is a large-scale site-specific public art installation. The stacked boulders stand more than thirty feet high. It is essentially a grouping of manmade day-glo colored hoodoos! The short walk to see them has a few signs offering information about the work and the artist and also about venomous snakes. Adding to the fun were highways with speed limits of 80mph. Practically no traffic and certainly no police presence. Oddly, I only got one photo with all seven columns. I am very curious what the fate of the boulders will be in two years time.

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