Hoodoo…We do! 

Bryce Canyon, the second stop on our  Mighty Five adventure is not a true canyon, it is actually the eastern formation of the Paunsaguant Plateau. The pink limestone hoodoos were formed by millions of years of winds and other geological changes. Hoodoos are pinnacles or odd shaped rocks left standing by the force of erosion. Bryce is named after the Mormon pioneer Ebenezer Bryce who settled there in 1875. The original name given by the Paiute Indians was Unka Tumpee Wun-Nurrx Tungwatsini Xoopakichu Ahnax which translates to Red Rock Standing Like a Man in a Hole. Heading to Bryce from Zion on route 89, we Stopped at the Thunderbird for a bite to eat. How could we resist?

The landscape in the Red Canyon and the Dixie Forest usher in the fairy-like hoodoos of Bryce. Our hike began early and in very cool temperatures. We started out in gloves and warm gear. Between the quick elevation change, the strong early November sun and our pumping hearts, we finished with open jackets and giant smiles. The height and precarious shapes of the hoodoos are magical. They are a cross between a Star Wars landscape of Tatooine and Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona. Once again our hikes were filled with photo stops and catch-breath stops.

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