Seoul Food

Our South East Asia adventure has begun. 

We took advantage of a very long layover in Seoul to visit with cousins in the Ansan suburb. This was an extra special treat for us.

Enjoying a homemade meal which included 전 (Korean savory pancake), seaweed beef soup, rice, kimchi, various side dishes, and 갈비 (beef ribs).

Although we packed for the tropical climate of Việt Nam and Cambodia, Seoul is approximately the same latitude as New York. And you guessed it, we experienced a snowstorm. This prevented an outdoor adventure in the park and a walk in the suburban downtown. We did manage to get a second delicious meal at a sushi bar and we watched the snow fall over the city as we learned the Korean traditional way to share Sake with friends and relatives.

Instead of a very long layover in an airport, we were delighted to experience a special day with our cool cousins. Next stop, Hanoï.

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