A few of my favorite things…

This most recent road trip around the United States with a bonus stop in Canada was sensational. We logged over 8,000 driving miles through twenty states and one province, and crossed multiple rivers, mountains and canyons. We spent time with friends and family and enjoyed delicious meals everywhere. It is wonderful to travel but it is also wonderful to return home. I❤️NY. The thrill each time I see the skyline does not lessen. As we crossed the George Washington Bridge and viewed the city, that same feeling emerged. It is good to return to a familiar happy place. We took a walk through Central Park around the very lush Sheep Meadow, we walked by Lincoln Center which has a huge disco ball and dance floor set up for summer fun and of course the night lights of the city also twinkled with our return. Until our next adventure, we will enjoy our favorite local haunts in the Big Apple.

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