The Strength of Water and Glass

Once out of Toronto proper, it was a bucolic ride to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. There is a very large waterside park that leads to a welcome center and a long walkway to view the falls.

Inside the welcome center is, as you would imagine, a gift shop, several cafes with views of the falls and several options for viewing the river and the falls. We chose the Journey Behind the Falls option. We took an elevator down to tunnels which were dug in the early twentieth century, donned plastic ponchos and literally experienced the thunderous rush of the back of the waterfall. We then walked out onto a two story observation deck to see the horseshoe falls at eye level.

We could see the American side of the falls as well as the famous Maid of the Mist boat ride which spins around at the base of the Canadian falls.

There are so many interesting facts about the falls including how quick a pace they are eroding (ten feet per year), how the US and Canada illuminated the falls for night time viewing in 1925, and how Ontario’s largest and most reliable hydro-electric facility works in harmony with the Niagara River and the falls.

Welp, we crossed the Rainbow Bridge (with outstanding views of the falls), entered the U.S. and then managed to blow right by the observation deck and Maid of the Mist ride. We were feeling happy with our Canadian views and we did not double back. Instead, as our stomachs rumbled as loudly as the waterfall, we located a restaurant in western NY that was the perfect place to eat; Schwabl’s.

Who knew that Kümmelweck is actually an “everything” roll and it has been around NY at least since the 1800s! The roast beef was carved to order and the fish sandwich was also delicious.

Sated, we continued on to Corning, NY to visit the Museum of Glass. It is no surprise that this museum is next to the Corning glass facility, makers of Corning-ware, Corel and Steuben. There are fine art pieces and also exhibits about wine bottles and tempered glass for windows and windshields. Along with the beautifully displayed exhibits, we also watched a few demonstrations of glass blowing that make it look so easy, but we know better.

Water and glass clearly have a power that inspires me to go with the flow and enjoy the sparkle.

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