Dogs and Vettes

Between West 38th and 40th streets along the pedestrian plaza on Broadway there is, for a limited time, a public art display by Will Kurtz. Six breeds of dogs are represented, all from single-use plastic bags and duct tape. Each dog has incredible personality and amazing detail. New York has recently started charging a nickel for plastic bags in stores. These humorous and colorful dogs figuratively wag their tails to remind us to be less wasteful and to recycle. The exhibit also includes a small dog park but no canine pals were partaking while I was there. Art on the streets of NY is always welcome, enjoyed and appreciated.

A little further north on Broadway, right in Times Square, there was a display of classic Corvettes. All in sensational condition, it was a beautiful depiction of how the design changed from the early 1950s. As luck would have it, the Naked Cowboy was also making an appearance. He lowered his mask for photos.

A morning walk anywhere on Broadway will always fill me with a sense of wonder, adventure and smiles.

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