MoMA Members Monday

I have always enjoyed the Museum of Modern Art. I have my favorite galleries that include art works by Monet, Magritte, Van Gogh and Picasso. There are sculptures and industrial design pieces that are as comforting to me as a hot chocolate on a cold day. I have countless memories of special exhibitions that opened my eyes to the power of design and color. I have enjoyed frames that surround paintings that I am not crazy about. This visit, there was all that joy and extra space. Monday’s are for members. Along with that bonus, Covid restrictions are keeping attendance to 25%. This was the very first time that I was alone with the Water Lilies, alone in front of Starry Night and alone as I eyed Magritte’s False Mirror. I took a photo from the third floor looking down at sculptures on the second floor with just a few visitors in sight. There were plenty of members in the museum, but it somehow had an extra special appeal to view new pieces and old favorites without pressure. I appreciate the art of viewing as much as I appreciate the art.

Juxtaposed to the joy of the MoMA is the boarding up of businesses in anticipation of post-election violence. Please vote and stay safe.

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