A celebration of true love and food in Taormina

Weddings are always a time of joy and celebration; this one was extraordinary on many levels. The amount of love expressed by guests for the bride and groom was only surpassed by the special love between the magical couple. Beginning with the service, followed by a stroll to the plaza in the center of Taormina, accompanied by a folk band and a vintage Alfa Romeo, was a fitting way to begin the festivities.The reception was held at the stunning Castello San Marco. The red carpet at the entry led us to an aperitivo spread that set the tone for the night.Plato said of Sicily ‘Sicilians build things like they will live forever and eat like they will die tomorrow.’ These words ring true to this day. We experienced an outrageously delicious five-course meal (not including the incredible dessert spread along with wedding cake). The band played on, family and friends all swelled with happiness for this special couple and this new beginning.

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