Sensational Savoca

A picture perfect day began with some smoke atop Mt. Etna. There was a fresh snowfall, too.We joined the wedding party for an adventure to Savoca. A small town which sits high above the Ionian coast, Savoca has a great view of the sea and mainland Italy’s Calabria. The village is most remembered for a few scenes, including the wedding scene, from The Godfather. We were greeted by cousin Maria Teresa. She made a special presentation to the bride and groom-to-be and welcomed us to her town.We walked through the town toward the museum where we sampled the most delicious lemon granita with zuccherata; a sweet breadstick that dunks into the granita. It is a delicious treat often served for breakfast.A group photo was taken in front of the church made famous by the movie.Our multi-course lunch was filled with local specialties including pickled eggplant (new to me).There were many more dishes of pasta and focaccia and of course cannoli and homemade limoncello.

The most special part of the gathering was a folk music and dance presentation. Traditional Sicilian costumes, dances and songs were enjoyed by everyone. A special love song to the special couple hit an emotional chord for all. The love was overflowing and a special memory will be remembered forever.Before leaving town, we stopped at cousin Teresa’s store for some limoncello, of course!

3 thoughts on “Sensational Savoca

  1. I’m so glad you went to Savoca! I enjoyed visiting there. We were saying how quiet it was when we went there, what a treat for you to enjoy such a celebration in that beautiful town! Lovely photos!

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