Fast forward to Agrigento

A torrential rainstorm was the determining factor (there were a few others) which pulled the plug on our Magna Via Francigena pilgrimage. Although the driving rain stopped by breakfast, we have shifted our focus and will be spending a little more time in a few more towns instead. We had a lovely breakfast in Prizzi, and headed to the southern city of Agrigento. Along the way we passed more beautiful scenery, cows and sheep and even stopped to pick some figs from trees on the road’s edge. They were perfectly ripe and sticky and set the bar pretty high for future figs (we ate them before I even thought of taking a picture).Our bed and breakfast is in a building that dates back to the early 1800s. It has been modernized but has remained in the same family for many generations.

Agrigento is one of Sicily’s oldest towns founded in 581 B.C. by the Greeks. Many others claimed Agrigento and left remains of temples, villas and other ruins. Tomorrow we will explore The Valley of the Temples and some religious sites. Today, our walking pace slowed as we enjoyed views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the old part of town and of course delicious food. We had an outstanding octopus salad with potato, capers, olives, tomato and fresh parsley.Our B and B host gave us some history about the town and it’s politics. More importantly he mentioned the gelato here is made with sheep ricotta and called pecorino gelato. Although there are many gelatarias, we were advised to to try Le Cuspidi where there is a wonderful view overlooking the sea. The menu offerings were unique and delicious. We chose pistachio gelato shaped like pesto-covered spaghetti and an affogato.Inside they have gelato cakes, gelato pastries and more flavors and creations to tempt any ice cream fan.The sidewalk planters and the street art are all terrific as are the interesting boutiques and shops.History will wait until tomorrow. Tonight, a rooftop drink.

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