Pretty Prizzi

Reviewing the several mountain climbs from Corleone to Prizzi, with no place along the way to stop for a coffee or water, we opted to ride to Prizzi and take a mini-break. Along our ride, we passed more transhumance of goats, sheep and cows moving from stunning mountain tops to lower fields. It was the correct decision to skip this day’s climb into the medieval hill town of Prizzi. This huddle of stone homes and narrow labyrinth of cobbled streets offers enough hills and to keep us active all day. Our hostess, Nicoletta, was born and raised here. She welcomed us with warm bread covered in oil and cheese. Everything is delicious in Sicily (tutto è delizioso in Sicilia). We climbed the steep streets and took in the great views.The Archeological Museum was fascinating. There are artifacts dating back several million years including shell fossils. There are photos and well preserved artifacts from a Greek theater carved into a nearby mountain. The museum is small but each item is a treasure. There is also a stained glass mural of the Dance with the Devils (Abballu de li Diavuli).

This is an Easter tradition in Prizzi that involves the whole town and the church. There are costumes of death, devils and angels. There is dancing and symbolism that dates back to Dionysus.

After exploring the never ending stairs and streets, Nicoletta invited us to a delicious homemade lunch. We began with fried eggplant with mint and garlic and a cold green beans and potatoes salad, followed by Pasta ala Norma (pasta with eggplant and fresh basil in red sauce). We had wine and great conversation thanks to Google Translate! For dessert, we tried prickly pear (ficodindia). This was a first for both of us; it is sweet and filled with edible seeds.

With full bellies and big smiles we continued walking around the town and caught some cool clouds and some street murals.The cool mountain climate is a welcome change to the hot humid days we have experienced.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Prizzi

    1. This seems like a compact version of el Norte. Lost of beautiful long difficult miles each day, with limited services along the route. But incredible places and hosts to stay with at the end of each day.

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