A pair of pilgrims ponder a Pontevedra Parador

As to be expected, it was a quiet Sunday morning when we left Redondela. We passed Camino tiles along the streets and some inner city hórreo too. Crossing a not-so-busy street we entered a nature walk filled with waterfalls, vineyards and flowers.As we gained altitude we saw beautiful vistas and many pilgrims.There was a sun-bleached post with Camino shells; we added another of ours.After a challenging scramble up a stone-filled path we were rewarded with a little down hill that had another hórreo and a horse. A short walk through a small town brought us to another wonderful walk along a crystal clear river and into Pontevedra. The historic district has many cafes, lots of street art and a Parador.We stopped a a pulpería, because, why not. And yes, the grilled octopus was outstanding. Cerveza was tasty, too. We decided to treat ourselves to a stay at the Parador in Pontevedra.Our room is lovely. This Parador was the home to the Counts of Maceda. It is filled with beautiful antiques and has regal charm.

Pontevedra has many historic churches, beautiful botanical gardens and a nice riverfront. As we wandered around the historic district, we were able to see most of these ancient buildings.Santuario da Virxe Peregrina (Sanctuary of the Virgin Pilgrim), Real Basílica Menor de Santa Maria, Igrxa De San Francisco (convent of San Francisco), we stuck to the nice garden bar at the Parador instead of walking to the botanical gardens.Local beers, mini sandwiches, a children’s birthday party in the garden all added to an already terrific day.

3 thoughts on “A pair of pilgrims ponder a Pontevedra Parador

  1. Is this blog more detailed and numerous than last time? I feel like you’re really putting a lot into it (and it’s very much appreciated). I was thinking in Redondela that you guys took the time to “rest”, but it also takes quite an effort to write and post. This vacation is a lot of work. I felt for your feet in Vigo.
    NY had a couple of 90 degrees days in a row. Here we go, straight into summer.
    Wish I was trekking along with you! I’m walking to work in your honor, although today I might bike. Keep it coming, loving your travels (blog). xoxox Lynn

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  2. Truly enjoying all the details and photographs! Simply stunning.
    Wondering if part of you is half to have had the trip broken into 2 parts? It seems like you’re appreciating all the small things so much more. Or maybe it’s just me doing that?

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