Resting in Redondela with my fella

We climbed to Vigo Alta and left the city on a very quiet Saturday morning. Our view of the river, estuary and Cíes Islas were beautiful. Before entering the woods, and a path called Senda del Agua, we passed a random flock of sheep walking the same route as us. The Senda del Agua (Auga in Galician) is a hiking route that follows the water supply route from the Eiras Reservoir to Vigo. The section we walked was about eight miles long and was beautiful. Many local families, runners and bike riders we also out on this stunning Saturday morning. As we emerged from the path, back to the switchback streets, we enjoyed the antique car rally that zoomed by us. We stopped and waved, some of the drivers waved back.We passed a woman washing clothing at the local fountain along the road, Saturday is laundry day.Redondela was a shorter walk than we expected and we arrived before lunch. This was fortuitous because we learned that the stores all close by 2:00pm on Saturday. We stopped for delicious ice cream (mine was like an ice cream sundae and the other, mandarin orange) and to people watch; alas, not too many people to watch, not even other pilgrims.There are two train bridges right above the town. They were both built in the early 1800’s and have given the city the nickname “village of the viaducts”. There must have been a major amount of goods traveling through this mountain town both over the Alvedosa River and via those train viaducts. Today, however, it appears everyone is home relaxing. We will take the cue, it is nice to relax, and we shall.The bars and restaurants do remain open on a Saturday night; phew! When ordering a drink, you receive a house tapa. Tonight’s offering, perfect for David, spicy meat and french fries.

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