May Day, May Day!

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Pilgrims (or in our case, peregrinos).

Today was a picture perfect first day of May, filled with a cloudless blue sky and a calm surf. We made our way through the quiet streets and began our walk along the ocean.This route is called the Senda Litoral or Ecouia Litoral Norte and it does hug the coast. There are ecological boardwalks which means that sometimes they are gravel, cobblestone, sand and some are wooden slats. There are some dirt paths, too.We saw snails (caracol) and blue-headed lizards, tons of wild flowers and pine forests between the dunes and the beach towns. This was our third day of walking twenty plus miles. We arrived in Caminha, saw some sheep in a yard, looked across the River Minho at A Guarda, Spain and decided to enjoy one last night in Portugal.Some Vinho Verde, a sunset over the Spanish border, and a fond toast to Portugal for a while. Tomorrow we cross into Spain and head inland towards Santiago. Happy May Day.

3 thoughts on “May Day, May Day!

    1. He was traveling slow enough for me to get the shot. No garlic in the adjoining farm, lucky for him.
      The lizard was moving more swiftly and the sheep were napping!


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