Over the hills and through the woods from Esposende to Viana do Castelo we go…

The morning was dreary and cool. We headed north along the ocean and, as is my way, I asked for directions out of town on the Caminho. We were told to make a right at Popeye’s. I assumed I misheard and there would be a field of poppies, but in fact, there was a Popeye’s.The weather cleared as we climbed through the suburban hills. We once again passed both family and full-sized farms before turning into a beautiful forest with a a babbling brook that turned into a river before our eyes.Lots of amazing vistas, fruit trees and animals continued to add to our loving this journey. A big surprise as we headed up a small street. The stone wall was full of Spring flowers, as we looked up and across the street we saw two horns, and then, what they were attached to. Glad he can’t jump the wall. We hurried past and arrived in Viana do Castelo via the Eiffel Bridge. It was no fun walking across. The city is lovely. We dropped our bags and took the finicular up to the highest point of the town and took in the most amazing views of Portugal and Spain. The temple of Santa Luzia is beautiful. The church, the 360 views, the Roman ruins all worth the scary ride up.

We dined on delicious seafood and rice stew, followed by some yummy pastries, even one in the shape of a sardine! It did have that melon stuff inside so a thumbs down from me but David is a fan.May first begins a month-long flower festival in Viana do Castelo. We watched the locals decorate some of their pedestrian streets.All the museums were closed today, which means we will have to come back another time. Great architecture, people and sights. This trip keeps getting better and better.

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