Boy time flies

The last few days in Tallahassee were spent revisiting the family and a few more park bike rides and hikes. Also on the agenda has been completing  the paperwork for the retirement process. It has been a far more tedious and frustrating activity than expected.  

  It has been a month since we began our wheel adventure. We have crossed through and visited ten states.  Gas is still under $2.00 a gallon and we are averaging almost 30 miles a gallon. Although we are not jumping over slushy corner-lakes in NY, it has been unseasonably cold in the South. 

For eight years, when using a car as transportation, it was primarily riding in the back of a yellow cab giving an address through a piece of plexiglass. Now I climb in the driver’s seat, plug an address into the gps and go. 

Our bikes and the rest of our needs are packed efficiently. We each have a backpack and a toilet kit. And there is an extra suitcase with our own sheets and towels for air bnbs along with our favorite coffee cups and some favorite kitchen accessories including a wine bottle opener. Our laptops, a sketchbook and paper journal are also close at hand. 

Each day is filled with wonder and excitement and especially laughter. We are enjoying the local color and the local food. Where will the next month take us?Oh the places we will go! 

 We are headed to Perdido Key via a few coastal towns and lighthouses. I don’t know why I am so attracted to them, but I am.  

 These are St Marks, Florida, Hunting Island, South Carolina, and Truro, Massachusetts. The other Gulf Coast houses will be in the next post. 

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