The road to Tallahassee, Fl our first extended stay

A wonderful morning bike ride in Miami Beach brought us past modern, deco and historic mansions and onto the boardwalk next to the beach. It was a great way to say good bye to south Florida.  

 We made a stop in Deerfield Beach for a lunch at 2 Georges with my snowbird parents and my Aunt. It was delicious and the drawbridge in the background was busy the entire meal.  

 The pouring rain kept us company across the state to the west coast. We called it a night in Osprey, Fl just outside of Long Boat Key and Anna Maria Island near Sarasota. Unfortunately the 50mph winds and incredible downpour changed our plans and we skipped the beautiful gulf coast and headed to our final family destination in Florida, Tallahassee. The sky cleared and the sun came out as we arrived at a lunch spot in the historic center of Ocala, Fl. about halfway to Tallahassee. We ate at Stella’s Modern Pantry. It is part gourmet deli and part bookstore with kitchen gadgets. I could have bought the store out and our lunch was beyond satisfying.


Although we have many family members in Tallahassee we decided to unpack the car and sample the Airbnb life. We found an affordable place in close proximity to every relative and to Cascade Park

  First family connection was dinner with Keith, Gillian and Milyema.   They are all great. We got several suggestions for outings while we are in town. Next was the reunion I had been waiting for…Max. Mama is happy.  

 A morning bike ride on Tallahassee’s historic Rails to Trails St. Marks trail. It is 16 miles each way through Leon and Wakula county. The big payoff is the gulf at the southern terminal. 




 Later in the evening, dinner with Rory and Damon; always fun & we caught up on everything and everyone. 

Over the next 2 weeks we will visit some interesting and wacky sights and make the most of being around family. 

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