A Relative Few Days including Winter Garden, North Palm Beach, Delray, Miami Beach and Key West, FL

From one area of the state to another and from ones family to the other, our trip has included great visits. Winter Garden is a suburb of Orlando and home to cousins that we adore. We were welcomed with open arms and a special sign.  

 Their home is spectacular which perfectly matches their hospitality.  We relaxed, caught up on family and their new pet fish and we  continued our eating/binging.  

Their new grill/smoker combination had a successful inaugural for the NFL playoff games. Chicken and sausage were smoked, burgers grilled and there was vegetarian chili, homemade potato salad, and other delicious treats and libations to last through both games and the Golden Globes!    

Further south in North Palm Beach a wonderful reunion with Aunt Sue and Uncle Harry. Their apartment is beautiful as was the brunch we enjoyed. It was filled with smoked fish, bagels and family updates. I did forget to take photos of the very beautiful, svelte and perfectly tan family! A drawbridge and a few more miles south we managed to catch up with a few family members from my side. My parents, sister and brother-in-law were visiting my Aunt and all of them were having lunch in Delray.   


 A few stories, drinks and sunshine are always fun together. Then onto Miami Beach. Linda, Danny and Kevin greeted us  with a special dinner and lots of hugs and kisses. Can this get any better? 


 A rainy, misty morning did not deter our trip to Key West. A brief stop in Key Largo at Doc’s Diner for coffee was a great start to the day. The local fisherman and day tour boat operators were bemoaning the weather. Our awe of the colors of the gulf and amazing views increased our anticipation of reaching the final Key. We toured the Hemingway House where we learned that six fingered cats are better at trapping mice (now there is a cat house at his house) and that the man who had four marriages has a home that is the most popular location for weddings on the island. 

 We visited the cemetery which dates back to the early 1800’s with sections for every ethnicity and religion as well as the military including those lost from the USS Maine. Some of the tombstones were charming and some sort of humorous.  

 We visited the southern most point in the continental United States 150 miles from Miami and 90 miles to Cuba. The trip to Cuba will be scheduled for another time.  

   Dinner at a local haunt named Camille, wild and entertaining and though they were out of the promised stone crabs we did try very fresh conch!  Our evening continued at the La Te Da Cabaret. We enjoyed the Randy Roberts show. We chatted with Christopher, the owner and the bartender Alicia. Enjoyed great drinks including a key lime martini with a graham cracker crusted rim (YUM)🍸 

  And then the incredible performance. What a fun night. Good thing there is a compass pointing south for our hotel. Who knew key lime martinis could pack such a punch! 

 Cafe con leche at Ana’s Cuban Cafe was the right way to begin our morning. We walked through the Truman Little White House which is an incredible compound.  

Our morning walk also included a stop for key lime pie (for dessert later) and a photo of  Hemmingway’s haunt, Sloppy Joe’s.  

   North of Key West at mile marker 30 is Big Pine Key. This is where Sea Camp is located. The marketing director of the camp gave us a tour and confirmed that the camp has grown and updated the sea wall and pontoon boats but basically not much has changed from the late 1970’s when my husband was a camper and thinking of a career in marine biology.  

  At mile marker 110 on Key Largo, we had lunch at the Bayside Grille with friends who just moved to the island from NJ.  


One thought on “A Relative Few Days including Winter Garden, North Palm Beach, Delray, Miami Beach and Key West, FL

  1. I was wondering how you would sleep, being in a different bed almost daily….but you guys look healthy and refreshed! So far, it seems, no kinks in the travel…unless you are being only positive in this blog. It’s super fun to follow along. BTW, I did not win powerball. xoxoxo


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