Lights, Camera, Sparkle!

Thanksgiving ushers in the swirl of the holidays. This year seems to have a bit more electricity. After a year of handling a lot, this season is shiny and filled with dreams and possibilities.

My lack of research kept me from the up close viewing of the inflation of the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, though I did get a photo of some candy canes and snowflake balls from across the street. However, my parade location presented me some over the top views of those same balloons.

The crisp and clear weather was the nod to take a stroll to see the Holiday windows and the return of the tourist filled crowds on Fifth Avenue. The first of many trips in the coming weeks, this year’s windows are filled with hopes and dreams and happy memories. Additionally, this year, City Harvest has an added bonus teaming up with Fifth Avenue and adding photo ops and huge decorations on strategic sidewalk locations and a North Pole extravaganza at the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel.

We started at Columbus Circle where preparations for a holiday shopping market was underway, it was filled with vendors in a NY minute.

Many of the hotels and apartments along Central Park were decorating as we walked by.

This year, instead of lighted trees in the fountain in front of the Plaza hotel, there is a North Pole display of winter animal fun. The penguins and the polar bears have cameras and yes, they are recording the crowds.

As usual, the windows at Bergdorf’s are spectacular. This year’s theme is the Present Moment. Each window celebrates a different mood including adventurous, harmonious and frisky. Sparkle, shine and reflection all fill the windows with great energy. Pardon the reflections.

There’s a palpable energy which feels good to be a part of. It’s great to see the city bustling again. The giant displays add to the festive mood.

Saks once again has their light show spectacular climbing ten stories. The windows this season are inspired by children’s drawings. The city boys and girls clubs inspired each window with drawings of holiday dreams — of homes, beaches and games.

Rockefeller Center is ready for the tree lighting. The angels are trumpeting and Prometheus is overlooking the ice skaters. Across the plaza, there is a lego Kevin from Home Alone.

Heading uptown on Sixth Avenue, Radio City Music Hall is deep into its Holiday Spectacular season and the office buildings have their holiday decorations in place.

Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s windows will be viewed and reviewed soon along with other joys of the season in the Big Apple.

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