Bring on the heat!

Santa Fe, now in our rear view mirror was a fabulous week. We headed south and west on smaller and more scenic roads to Arizona. We passed the Very Large Array (VLA) of satellite dishes outside of Socorro, NM. Each of the VLA’s 28 antennas (including the one that is a spare) is an 82-foot dish with 8 receivers tucked inside. Unfortunately, the visitor center was closed and we could not get a tour.

We continued our journey and of course had to stop when we got to Pie Town, NM. Yes, the Pie-O-Neer restaurant serves all types of pie; it was a delicious treat.

Fortified, we followed the switchbacks up and down the mountains, through Native lands, National Forests and the Salt River Canyon Wilderness Forest in Arizona. It was ear-popping and spectacular. The photos do not capture the vastness and the beauty.

As we descended into the Phoenix area, the temperatures crossed into triple digits. That is another way to take one’s breath away! We loved staying with family in Gilbert even though it was a very short visit. There were some cacti in bloom and one that was a home to several birds.

Somewhere before California, in the desert, we stopped at a cute restaurant (because of its name), The Desert Penguin. It was both satisfying and refreshing.

Our arrival in Indio, California, just outside of Palm Springs coordinated with the full Wolf Moon and the total lunar eclipse. A perfect way to start our stay.

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