Windows, twigs and trains

Bloomingdale’s fills the block between East 59th and 60th from Lexington Ave to Third. This year, their winter holiday windows reflect happy shiny childhood memories chosen from some of their staff. The windows all spark nostalgia with a modern twist. There is a T-Rex riding a skateboard with a candy in his mouth. There are games, a Hot Wheels race car, a high heel shoe and a yarn -bombed living room. Eat, sleep, party, repeat.

There are many famous tree lightings this time of year, The Rockefeller Center tree is now sparkling with thousands of lights

There is a small triangle shaped park in the middle of Broadway at 63rd Street directly across from Lincoln Center. This year Dante Park’s tree is filled with ballet slippers and stars from a local make-your-own pottery store. The lighting ceremony was accompanied with toy soldiers on stilts and live music.

The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is a joy to visit in any season. The holiday train show in the Haupt Conservatory is a wonderful treat and holiday tradition. The trains zip through over 175 iconic New York buildings, parks and bridges. Each building has been researched thoroughly and is painstakingly created out of leaves, nuts, twigs and other items from nature. Placed carefully amongst the plants on display, the buildings come alive and showcase the moving trains. The details of each buildings facade are remarkable. A short film explains how the buildings are assembled along with how the artists collect items on nature walks to embellish the buildings. The Bloomberg Connects app also highlights details for several of the famous sites. Some of the iconic buildings from New York City and the surrounding area include Rockefeller Center, the Apollo Theater and even the TWA terminal at JFK airport. One of my favorite spots in the city is also part of the display, the little red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.

These holiday traditions, shared with friends and family create the memories of joy and happiness that I cherish.

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