Broadway blooms with marble flowers for summer

On a beautiful July morning across from Lincoln Center, in Dante Park, dividing Broadway and Columbus Avenue, a sculpture of two flowers appeared (after a night install). Lucky for us, the man who was closely surveying and wiping the pink marble flower confirmed he was the artist, Jon Isherwood

He took the time to talk with us about this project and the eight others that will be installed over the next couple of days close to the entrances of several IRT subway stations. (66th, 72nd, 79th, 96th, …) courtesy of the Broadway Mall Association and Public Art Initiative. We learned that the sculptures were completed at a studio in Italy with the help of some robotic milling and that the pink marble is from Portugal.

It is such a joy to see outdoor art reappear for all to enjoy. Thank you New York, public art and Jon Isherwood. I ❤️ NY and fortunate serendipitous moments

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