The perks of Central Park

Central Park is my comfort zone. The lower loop fills me with wonderful memories and keeps on surprising me with new experiences. A crisp blue almost cloudless sky was the perfect backdrop for the colorful trees of autumn.

Near 72nd Street, just off the bridal path, the trees shed giant yellow balls, some bigger than grapefruits. They can be smooshed, and they have enough weight that you would not want one falling on your head. These trees have been in the park for many years, but this is the first time I noticed and paid attention to them. Maybe it’s the background music from the Ellen Reid Soundwalk app that brought them into my line of sight.

My peaceful park walks have also brought me by a woman in the Sheep Meadow who is working on a very large painting, often assisted by her son. I asked how long she has been working on this study and she told me more than twenty years. Maybe because the park is much emptier these days, or maybe I have not frequented that part or once again, because of the background music…another park treasure is revealed.

The park offers me peace, wonder and the best people-watching opportunities. There are horse shoe games, bikers, rollerbladers, relaxing friends and even birthday horse and carriage rides.

As I exited the park, not accepting a horse and carriage ride or a pedi-cab ride, I noticed a plane atop a car and also the bead light wrapping of the trees for the winter. It is the small goofy things that put a huge smile on my masked face.

Any time of year, the park has plenty of joy to share with one and all.

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