Quarantine over…

A 14-day self-quarantine upon entering New York is required and as we are mostly rule followers, that meant 14 days of ordering food, planning all the places we want to visit and waiting.

At last; museums, walks in Central Park and catching up with friends all are on our to-do list. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was first. Covid restrictions are in place. There are timed viewings and pre-purchased contactless tickets. I felt a little guilty, but, it is easy to enjoy special exhibits without feeling rushed or crushed. The 150 Years Of The Met exhibits major acquisitions from each of the past 15 decades. The Roof Garden was open and the Lattice Detour wall installation by Hector Zamora makes a simple and powerful statement. Also, the roof is one of my favorite places to view Central Park and the city surrounding it. Another favorite spot in the museum’s permanent collection is the Gubbio Studiolo. The craftsmanship and beauty of the wooden studio never fails to enthrall me.

Steps away from Lincoln Center is a gem and another favorite, the American Folk Art Museum. Each show is wonderfully curated and the current exhibit is American Perspectives. The art is organized into four section; Founders, Travelers, Philosophers and Seekers. Some of the themes of the self-taught and folk artists include freedom and opportunity. The museum store is also one of my favorite shops. I can always find something to brighten my day.

Outdoor public art, especially in the time of social distancing, is a great way to combine art, friends and exercise. At Hudson Yards, besides the opportunity to climb the vessel, there is a great statue of King Nyani, the largest bronze statue of a gorilla in the world…a gentle giant looking at the Vessel.

Along with sculptures and the everyday respite of Central Park, there is, for a limited time, a GPS-driven app that incorporates music to individual walks. Ellen Reid, a Pulitzer Prize winning composer created the app. Soundwalk adds an immersive soundtrack to your location in the park. You can recharge and keep going. The Soundwalk app was co-commissioned by the New York Philharmonic and four other institutions. Headphones in and many more miles to wander.

Outdoor eating, at least for the next few weeks is pretty amazing. Restaurants have taken over parking spaces and creatively made properly-spaced dining areas complete with ambient lighting, planters and heat lamps. We plan on experiencing many of these establishments and as many international cuisines as we can.

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