Carolinas, Baltimore and the Big Apple

Blue highways brought us out of Georgia and into South Carolina. The landscape evolved from lowland swamps to rolling hills filled with deciduous trees. As we entered North Carolina the cooler temperature and the color-tinged leaves hinted that it was almost autumn. We spent a night in Raleigh and had a wonderful socially-distanced dinner with cousins.

The journey from North Carolina to Maryland was just as pleasant with farmland, split rail fences and curvy rolling hills. We enjoyed time with dear artist friends discussing how creating and appreciating art has kept us sane.

Time and safety precautions kept us from an inside visit of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church where there are 16 beautiful Tiffany windows…I did get a few outdoor photos.

I did step inside to take a few photos of Mount Royal Tavern. This is one of the oldest bars and package stores in Baltimore. It is steps away from the MICA campus and typically has rotating student art shows. An evil raven greets you above the door, but the real masterpiece is the Sistine Chapel painted on the ceiling. I was in the bar at 10:00am. A few regulars were at the bar and although it might be noon somewhere, it was a bit too early for me to sample a cocktail. I will make a point to go back and soak up the local color and the local cocktails in the future.

New York is where we will reside for a while. We look forward to visiting our friends, our neighborhoods and our favorite culinary treasures from around the world.

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