Catch me if you can at the TWA hotel

TWA airlines shuttered its operations in 2001 and the terminal building at JFK was landmarked as a historic site in 1994. Today, a swank hotel pays homage to the 1962 Eero Saarinen designed building. We entered the hotel from the ground floor where popular tunes from the ’60s and ’70s played over the sound system, several vintage cars were on display, and the stairs leading to the lounge were inviting us to a time when international plane travel was glamorous. Some original seating remains in the penny-tiled lobby where guests are checked in at flight counters by employees dressed in vintage TWA uniforms underneath the still functioning oval-shaped departure and arrival board. Adding to the charm and ambiance are David Klein destination posters, and a Vulcain clock which is suspended above the sunken first class cocktail lounge. Outside the windows there is a view of “Connie” a Lockheed Constellation airplane, restored and functioning as another cocktail lounge.There is a hotel museum (more of an exhibit) dedicated to the mid century modern design and the glamour of the jet set age at TWA. Included in the display are examples of furniture, luggage tags, and amazing uniforms. The original tube walkways have been carpeted in TWA red. One leads to hotel rooms and a rooftop infinity pool and pool bar, the other to Terminal 5. The rooftop has outstanding views of the Manhattan skyline, Queens and of course, departing flights. There are fun drinks at the bar, one which includes a TWA wing pin.Saarinen designed the TWA Flight Center with an emphasis on views looking out at the marvel of flight. The TWA hotel recaptures the excitement of watching planes arriving and departing from all over the globe.

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