Ole Miss Afternoon

Breaking up our drive to the Gulf of Mexico, we stopped in the college town of Oxford, Mississippi. We were here a few years ago and enjoyed the vibe.

The founders named the town after the English university hoping to attract an institution of higher learning. Fortunately, the University of Mississippi, most often referred to as Ole Miss, opened its doors in 1844. Today, Oxford is a college town with its own battle cry, Hotty Toddy! This funny fight song is heard at most sporting events both home and away and also at many local bars.

Speaking of bars, the weather was perfect for a rooftop drink and some people watching on the square. We did just that at the Coop at the Graduate Hotel. We enjoyed Miss Ole Miss cocktails (vodka, pink grapefruit and a splash of grenadine and soda) and observed the square from above.The town square is filled with a wonderful selection of restaurants, coffee shops and stores including the oldest department store in Mississippi, Neilson’s and my personal favorite, Square Books.The campus is pretty and there is a peaceful woodsy trail that leads from the Art Museum to Rowan Oak, William Faulkner’s home, now a museum.

Students, locals and tourists all mingle and enjoy the genteel southern beauty and temperament of Oxford. It is a special place, its own little bubble inside Mississippi. 

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