Route 66 Redux

  • Heading east from Durango, Colorado, we took back roads through and around the San Juan Mountains (part of the Rockies) and through some National Forests. We mostly had the road to ourselves and it was beautiful. There were many snow-covered areas, especially at higher elevations. We passed a group of interesting homes and learned the settlement is called Earthship Biotecture. The organization teaches how to build self-sustaining homes around the world. They are involved in many humanitarian aid programs around the globe.It is also possible to spend a few nights there. Good timing brought us to Taos for a nice snack at Michael’s Kitchen. We walked around the town before heading to Montezuma, New Mexico (right next to Las Vegas, NM). The Armand Hammer United World College has a permanent exhibit, the Dwan Light Sanctuary, which is open to the public. It is designed as a refuge from hectic life and situated to get great light. The prisms in the windows create rainbows and light patterns that float around the room.Eventually we arrived in Tucumcari, New Mexico on historic Route 66. This iconic American road has a rich history in road trips and it was fun to include a portion of this road on our trip. The hotels, gift shops and restaurants have great neon signs. The hotel we picked had all the 21st century amenities with a 1950s retro look.Good food and good fun; we got our kicks on Route 66.
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