Sunshine and Smiles in Santa Monica

Santa Monica offers a combination of ocean and mountain views that are joyful and inviting. The sensational weather is an added bonus along with the amazing spring flowers. A few wonderful days in Santa Monica does wonders for the soul (best part is the sunshine smile on my daughter’s beautiful face).It is easy to walk along the beach path looking west at the ocean and east at the cliffs along the Pacific Coast Highway and enter a state of bliss as the statue of Santa Monica in a heart-shaped base looks on approvingly. We serpentined along the park cliffs, up and down steep staircases and through the city streets finding delicious places to snack, shop and to people watch.We consumed avocado toast (because), frozen fruit, Sidecar doughnuts and Salt and Straw ice cream. We had delicious dinners and drinks at multiple locations with great beach views from Venice Beach to Santa Monica.A short Uber ride from the beach into the hills is the Getty Center. It sits on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains, with a panoramic view of Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains. There is a tram ride to the museum complex at the top of the hill. Italian travertine marble buildings with curved design elements and natural gardens frame the city and mountains in the distance. The central garden is a sculpture comprised of flowers, water and stone. Fortunately, we timed our visit with new blooms of every color. The flowers led us to the sculpture garden which included a walking flower by Leger. There is a campus of buildings that house incredible art and artifacts. There is plenty to enjoy inside and outside, but there is even more at the Getty Villa. We decided to save part two for another visit.Santa Monica offers so much to see and enjoy; surf, sun and lots of smiles.

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