On the road to Guadalupe National Park

The backroads to Guadalupe National Park took us through the small town of Valentine, Texas. There is not much to see, but there is an art installation of a Prada store and the obligatory town post office and population sign.Located in West Texas just south of the New Mexico border, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is home to an ancient fossil reef. Millions of years ago, the area was under an ocean and over time a large reef was formed. The unique geological formations of fossilized reef are now designated as a protected wilderness area. The park is home to Guadalupe Peak. At 8,749 feet, it is the higheste in Texas. The 8.4 mile Guadalupe Peak Trail has a 3,000 foot elevation gain and is about eight and half miles long. We opted for a few short hikes with great views and only about one hundred sixty feet in elevation. I also participated in the junior ranger program and answered enough questions to receive a badge and a patch! After our high desert hikes we went in search of a bite to eat. In the middle of nowhere, we came across May’s Cafe. It was good food and great fun in Cornudas. The legs of the tables have a story that dates back to an incident with a peg-legged drunk cowboy who left his leg at the restaurant. The ceiling fan blades are in the shape of chili peppers and the table decorations are cowboys made of horseshoes. The menus are written in multi-colored magic markers on brown paper bags. There is also a gift shop and incredibly friendly staff. If you find yourself between Dell and El Paso, stop in. It is a little oasis in the Chihuahuan Desert.

2 thoughts on “On the road to Guadalupe National Park

    1. The waitress told us some women start patting the legs thinking it’s their husband…then jump when they realize it is the table leg. The cowboy horse shoes on the table were gifts from a local artist (not for sale) along with the chili blades in the fan. So much to look at and absorb. The menus are hand written on paper bags and include breakfast all day. It is a real family business with grandma (meema) making the desserts and various family members cooking serving and selling souvenirs. I had a small breakfast and David had a bbq beef sandwich. It was a terrific experience.

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