What kind of birds are in that tree?

It was a perfect weather day, we were visiting cousins at Disney Springs, on a whim, we delightedly boarded a Sea Raycer motor boat on Bay Lake.

We motored past several resorts, ferries and wildlife. As we neared a tree that looked like it was filled with nesting birds, we slowed our pace to get a better look. We were amazed to find that there were more than birds in the tree. There were dozens of shoes hanging by their shoe laces.

After some quick internet research, we discovered this tree has a history.

Originally, the tree was the final resting place for the shoes of retiring Walt Disney World Cast Members.  Now, the tree is reserved for the shoes of the retiring Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake boat skippers. 

I would love to witness and cheer on a skipper whipping sneakers at this tree on their final day of employment, wouldn’t you?


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