Steamy Savannah

Given the opportunity, always stop in the genteel city of Savannah. It is easy to spend lots of time exploring this beautiful location on the river. A previous blog from a pleasant trip in February of 2016 covers all the basic details. This short visit during a stormy and humid July day introduced us to a couple new sights (new to us). We headed toward the river hoping for any kind of breeze; no such luck. The Savannah River Walk has just that, a sidewalk along the river with park-like areas to buffer the busy tourist-filled row of former cotton warehouses-turned-restaurants and shops. Rousakis Plaza is an open air square with brick planters surrounding cement pavers that make an X pattern in the bricks. Oddly, if you stand in the center of the X, the surrounding buildings, river and planter combination provides a unique acoustic; a focused echo chamber. When you speak in any tone of voice, you create a very noticeable echo that cannot be heard by anyone outside of the square. The louder we sang or talked, the more pronounced the echo. Rotating in position helped find stronger spots. Cool and freaky. Also, it must not be well known, granted it was stifling hot and about to rain again, but we were the only ones remotely interested in hearing our own echos.Next on the agenda was a move to an inside location, a relatively new museum, the American Prohibition Museum. A combination of 21st century motion-sensitive technology, period dressed actors and great displays give this moment in history a fresh perspective. It is easy to see how much of the temperance movement was loosely veiled racism. The museum exhibits wind you through several rooms and finally to a door where a secret password gets you into a speakeasy where you can enjoy some period cocktails. A refreshing treat on a sweltering day.Our short visit was enough to remind us how much Savannah has to offer. More visits and more new adventures await in this Georgia gem.

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