Spontaneous Stop; Boonsville, MO

The Woodstock Inn of Independence, MO has seen its share of local and national history. Built in the early 1800s, it was yards from two separate Civil War engagements in 1862. The front of the house opened onto the path of the Oregon/Santa Fe/California Trail. For years it was an artist studio and most recently it is an excellent bed and breakfast. It is walking distance to the courthouse square and most historic markers in town. Our stay was wonderful and culminated with a delicious gourmet breakfast. (stuffed french toast not pictured)Continuing our eastward journey, a billboard for Missouri Country Quilts intrigued us. We stopped in Boonville, MO to check it out. It is one woman’s retirement project. Mostly a store selling fabric and quilt-making materials, there is also an open sewing area and always cookies and drinks for anyone who enters the building. We chatted with the owner, who made one quilt about ten years ago and was hooked. Her passion is contagious.As we were leaving, she pointed us in the direction of a Clydesdale horse farm and a peach farm a little further down the road. The Peach Tree Farm has a cabin near the roadside. They sell freshly picked peaches (within hours), cucumbers and jams and soaps. In the autumn there are pumpkins to be picked. Not only did the peaches look and smell good they tasted so juicy and fresh it was a true umami experience.Practically across the street from the peach farm is the Warm Springs Ranch. This is a Clydesdale farm where Budweiser breeds and cares for their famous horses. Tours are available but must be organized in advance. We were unlucky on that end. Next time we are in the area we will be taking selfies with the team of Clydesdales and drinking some Budweiser. One of the best parts of this road trip is stopping for one adventure and finding even more unexpected treasures.

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