One potato, two potato, three potato…Happy 4th!

When in Idaho, go to Blackfoot and visit the Potato Museum. The outside of the museum welcomes you with a giant baked potato with sour cream and a pat of butter.Your entry to the museum includes a gift of a hash brown potato mix!The museum highlights the agricultural and commercial history of potatoes. It has a display of Mr. Potato-heads, potato mashers and the biggest potato chip (at 25 inches long) made by Pringle in 1991.We ordered our baked potatoes as we entered the museum so that they would be ready and waiting for us in the cafe when we finished our museum visit. The cafe also has a really wild french fry machine that did not smell greasy at all. (we did not eat fries with our baked potatoes). I did eat an ice cream potato. This is actually vanilla ice cream rolled in cocoa to look like a baked potato and it was yummy and hilarious.On our way to a Fourth of July parade in the town of Pocatello, Idaho we passed a giant woman waving us to Martha’s Diner, though we were still full from potatoes. The historic downtown was lined with families cheering on the vets, candidates, marching bands and other local organizations that marched by or rode on floats. There was a helicopter that passed over the crowd several times. The parade participants tossed candy, ice pops and water to the patriotic crowd. It was great to see so many smiles on the sidewalk. Happy fourth!

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