Crossing Washington (the state)

The road through Washington from Spokane to the ferry port in Anacortes took us past canyons carved by the Columbia River and a huge wind turbine field, which helps to power more than 70,000 homes around Seattle.We also passed field and fields of hay along with a convoy of trucks carrying hay. There were also massive farms which, much to my happiness, marked the type of crop on signs facing the road. We saw peas, potatoes, carrots, alfalfa, canola, Timothy and more.We arrived in plenty of time to walk around the town of Anacortes before heading to the ferry. We meandered through shops and had delicious steamers in green curry (remembered to take a photo, just before finishing the clams) at Adrift.The harbor has a view of many islands that make up the archipelago of the San Juan Islands. We boarded the Yakima ferry for an express trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.Onboard the ferry, we were treated to a short yet fascinating talk about the Orca whales. There are three pods that frequent the area. Who knew or would believe that salmon makes up 98% of their diet?

We are looking forward to enjoying a relaxing and fun filled time on the island.

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