Above the clouds in the Grand Tetons

Teton Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is bustling with all sorts of extreme and typical outdoor adventure activities.

We began our day under very heavy cloud cover and we were unable to to enjoy the wonder of the peaks of the snow capped Tetons.After an obligatory visit to the Mangy Moose, a Jackson Hole mainstay, we headed to the Aerial Tram. This is a six minute ride that travels over 4,000 vertical feet putting you at 10,455 feet at the peak of Mt Rendezvous. It is surreal moving through the clouds and arriving at a view of the entire Teton Valley. The clouds below look like a blanket of snow.

We hiked for a few miles taking in the visual splendor and the burning of lungs at this altitude. We had a marmot pose for us as we explored the still snow-covered mountain top.As we made it back to 6,200 feet, we headed into the National Park to explore the views, see some wildlife and the Snake River. We were unsuccessful on the large animal spotting, but we did get some nice short hikes in with stunning scenery.There is a scenic overlook that has a photo of Ansel Adams taking an iconic photo of the Tetons and the Snake River, the trees are taller now and the clouds much lower, here is my photo from the same spot.

Heading out of the canyon to the west side of the Tetons we got another great view of the mountains and the valley. We sat by the river to relax and enjoy the beauty surrounding us.

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