A-Maize-ing, a Corn Palace

Mitchell, South Dakota is home to the world’s only Corn Palace. The original palace was designed in 1892 as a gathering place for the local community to meet and have a fall festival at the season harvest. The tradition and corn festival is still held every August. The Corn Palace murals have a different theme each year. The murals are all made using thirteen colors of corn, other grains and natural grasses. The ears of corn are individually nailed to the palace to create the elaborate scenes. This year’s theme is South Dakota Weather. Inside the palace are more permanent corn murals. The palace is more than a folk art exhibit. The building hosts basketball games, music events and other functions. Even the columns in the lobby look like corn. There is a corn-session stand selling popcorn and a corny gift shop. More than half a million people visit the corn palace each year to see the unique corn murals. We are very happy to be part of the corn palace’s a-maize-ing fans.

3 thoughts on “A-Maize-ing, a Corn Palace

    1. You ask a lot of very good questions. They plan these murals out. And it takes weeks to put them together (they are very big) and yes, some birds peck at them.


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