Waterfalling and water sports in Wisconsin

There is a stretch of road in northeast Wisconsin that is home to 14 waterfalls. Most are small drops, but all are beautiful. We traveled across highway 141 and down dusty dirt roads to get to the short trails that led to the rushing water.Marinette County Parks are filled with great trails for ATVs, horseback riding and hiking.We stuck to the hiking and viewing. After a car wash and several gourmet meals at our friend’s home on the Wisconsin-Michigan border, we attempted tandem kayaking in the Menominee River which at some points is the border between Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. We paddled past a paper pulp plant, a military ship yard making littoral combat ships and even past wild rice paddies. We saw migrating herons and egrets. We had a lot of fun as we tried to stay in sync and keep the kayak on a straight path. I was so caught up in my paddling that I forgot to stop and take photos. This was a special experience that we will try again with less fear there will be a photo record!

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