Pit stop

Kohler, best known for it’s plumbing fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms, is also a village in Wisconsin. Kohler was founded as a company town and today the town has along with it’s factory a deluxe hotel, the American Club, and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. The Center is in Sheboygan just a few miles away from the village.Interestingly, and quite unusually, the only permanent exhibits at the Center are the six public restrooms. They were all created by emerging artists who participated in the Center’s Arts/Industry Residency Program.

Although I rarely visit public restrooms, I made an exception here. We were only able to visit five. The sixth is in the preschool area and school was in session. These Kohler public washrooms are worth the pit stop. And yes, I checked before I stepped in the men’s room. The other rotating exhibits at the Art Center were enjoyable, including an outdoor grotto of stone and shell sculptures.

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