New York: Nuptials and Noshing

Landing in New York always makes my heart swell. This time, the added bonus was the wedding of friends.We enjoyed great food at Crispo, The Park, La Sirena and several little places in the Chelsea Market. The meat-packing district has become a hopping neighborhood with boutique hotels, funky stores and high-end restaurants. We stayed at the Maritime Hotel which has modeled its rooms to look like cabins on a ship complete with giant round windows overlooking the Highline, the Hudson River and City views.One of my favorite stores is Story. Lucky for me it was both open and close to where we were staying. The theme this visit was “work space” there were great items on display and you could even stay and use an office space while drinking a special blend of coffee.We had time to visit with friends and enjoyed wonderful Chinese, Greek, Thai, Italian and Spanish meals. The food was as delicious as the company.

A quick visit to see a new exhibit at MoMa of Bodys Isek Kingelez models from found objects and everyday items of imagined buildings and cities. He claimed they would offer a more harmonious future. The show runs through January.

We now begin our journey westward. More friends and family and goofy attractions. Plus loads of National Parks and treasures along the top half of the continental US.

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