Savoring Santiago: The day after

Waking up and not filling our camelbaks or getting prepared to walk seems a bit odd, but nice. We actually ate a hotel breakfast with coffee and contemplated how to fill the day. The weather was raw and rainy which made the decision to forgo the trip to Finisterre and Muxia easy. Instead, we meandered through the historic district stopping in interesting shops. We once again spent a little time watching today’s crop of pilgrims arrive in Obradorio Plaza in front of the Cathedral. Eventually we arrived at the Mercado de Abastos. This is a traditional indoor/outdoor market with lots of stalls. Each section was filled with delicious foods organized by produce, meat and fish. One of the fish crates even had a starfish mixed in with the catch. Cheese and sweets were interspersed throughout all sections and flowers and herbs ringed the outside area. There was also a restaurant section. One of the restaurants prepared the fish that you bought at the market “your way”. The pulpería stall was wild. There was boiled, grilled and even pulpo empanadas. Ours was served with a bowl of wine. That was a first. There was also a sushi restaurant which served our selection on a smoking boat.Happily we ran into a few of our pilgrim friends again. We shared some hot chocolate and Saint James tart.It was a pleasant and relaxing way to spend a rainy day in Santiago. We still managed to get about eight miles of walking in for the day which is a lot easier without a backpack. Our Camino has introduced us to new friends of all ages and from many nations. We are all like minded, kindhearted and fun-loving explorers. We look forward to continuing to explore other treks around the globe and follow our hearts and dreams.

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