New York, my happy place

The streets are loud, dirty and filled with familiar scents. There is something about “the city” that always makes me smile. It doesn’t hurt that we arrived on the most beautiful of Spring days. Spending time with great friends makes my heart swell, too. This is just a short stop-over before we head back to Portugal to finish our Caminho and we are squeezing a lot into the limited time. Art on the go, in between friends, is the best. We saw several of the Kathy Ruttenberg sculptures in the Broadway Plazas near subway stops between 64th and 158th.Although visiting the Brooklyn Museum on this short visit for the Bowie show was not an option, we did see a teaser exhibit of sorts at the Broadway- Lafayette station. We actually scored three of the five Bowie MetroCards which will offer us free entry to the exhibit (hopefully a visit to the museum in late May is an option).A final favorite sculpture, no bull, just a strong girl… Great food, great friends, great art, is the perfect start to our walking adventure in Portugal. WE❤️NY

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