Fancy that, Fancy Gap

Fancy that; we have finally begun our travel adventures again. First stop: Fancy Gap, Virginia. Heading north from mile marker 41 on route 95 at Deerfield Beach, Florida, we veered northwest passing through Georgia, the Carolinas and into Virginia where we returned to one of our favorite rides, the Blue Ridge Parkway. At mile 194 on the BRP, with beautiful panoramic views, are the Lonesome Pine Cabins. We are staying in number four, the chicken house! Fortunately, no signs of chickens, but there is a fireplace in the room. The front covered porch has a swing perfect for taking in the vistas of North Carolina and Buffalo Mountain.

We stopped at several overlooks along the parkway, including an entry path to the Appalachian Trail. We saw deer, wild turkeys, lots of cows and some spring flowers.

After stretching out for a while, we headed to Floyd, Virginia, a cute town about 20 miles north of our cabin. We enjoyed walking into several shops including the Floyd Country Store. This is the hottest place in town on a Friday. Lucky us. Jamboree night begins at 6:30 and the music continues with dancing and picking until 10:30. The cafe offers delicious soups, sandwiches and salads along with a full dessert selection. They also have musical instruments for sale.

The foliage changed from palm trees to bare trees getting ready to burst into spring leaves. The flat of Florida became switch backs and ear popping ridges. It feels great to be on the road again.

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