Flip a Coimbra

We took the train from Vila do Conde into Coimbra to reset, rethink and reorganize. This third largest city in Portugal is located on a hill by the Mondego River in north central Portugal. Coimbra is also a town on the central route of the Caminho Portuguese. Coimbra was the first capital of Portugal.  It was perfectly situated where all river traffic that connected the northern interior cities with Lisbon had to pass through the city. History has shown that Coimbra was also an important commercial city during both the Roman and Moorish occupation. However, once Lisbon’s port was fully developed in 1255, the capital moved to the port. Today, Coimbra has the oldest university in Portugal. It was established in 1290 in Lisbon and has been in Coimbra since 1537.  There is plenty to visit with two cathedrals, a botanical garden, and cafes along the river and in the town square. Coimbra was a great place to relax by the river and make new plans. Oh, and the merengue here are gigantic.And to top it off a free sunset piano recital at the Igreja Santa Cruz!

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