We went 750 feet under ground

We left Arizona and headed to the southeast corner of New Mexico. On our way we took a break  when we saw the Owl Cafe.  Although I typically opt for something chocolate when choosing a dessert, this time I decided we would try something new and unfamiliar to us. Have you ever heard of juice cake?  Cherry, pineapple and orange juice sweeten the cake and yes, it was delicious.Our sugar high renewed our energy and made our several hours of drive a bit easier. We arrived at Carlsbad Caverns and immediately went 750 feet underground.  This underground world is extraordinary. We walked through one of the world’s largest exposed fossil reef. The stalactites, stalagmites, and an amazing variety of other formations capture your imagination. Fortunatly, we only spotted one bat and it was close to the top of the cavern. We were told that there is a nightly bat show as the Mexican free-tailed bats exit the natural entrance of the cave to feed on the insects of the Pecora and Black river valleys. 

We exited the Caverns in awe of the cave pearls, soda straws, curtains and flowing rocks below. Coming above ground we blinked and found we are in a whole new world. Yikes. 

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