Clarksville, TN to Asheville, NC

Passing farms filled with purple flowers, new growth of some green plants, cattle and thoroughbred horses we zig zagged our way on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee until we reached the border city of Clarksville on the Cumberland River. Our timing was not optimal for visiting open shops, but we did enjoy walking around the town.       There is a multi use path that follows the river and although the weather was raw and threatening, we enjoyed several miles of it. 

It was no hallucination, within a mile span we passed both a giant cow with sun glasses and a pink elephant. 

    Then the Smoky Mountains with painterly views lead us through forests out of  Tennessee and into Asheville, North Carolina.       We spent the day wandering around Asheville. The River Art District has transformed warehouses by the railway and the French Broad River into working studios and galleries. The historic district has great shops, theaters and incredible eateries. The hilly walk took any guilt away when we indulged in many delicious treats including dim sum tapas…what a concept. The former Woolworth store is now a series of artist booths and there is still a lunch counter doing a brisk business. There was street music and delicious snacks all with a view of mountains and a full moon. What a special treat.                      


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