Ole Miss and Rowan Oak

After several days of unending rain, we timed a break in the storms and enjoyed the ride past lush farms, young livestock and many small towns. We stopped in the photogenic town of Oxford. Home to Ole Miss (University of Mississippi), Rowan Oak (William Faulkner’s home) and The Square (downtown). 

The walk on the path from the campus to Rowan Oak after several days of historic storms was much like Faulkner’s writing, challenging and slow going but rewarding. The home is stately and filled with his belongings. The docent offered interesting stories about the Faulkner family and the 33 acre estate.  The campus of the University is peppered with antebellum homes along with brick classrooms, performing arts centers and huge stadiums. We visited the UM museum (um, I love it for the branding alone) which has a fine permanent collection. There was also an impressive display of quilted art by Carly Bryer Fallert-Gentry.  

The Square is defined by the old court house in the center. City Hall with a seated sculpture of Faulkner on a bench along with unique shops and all kinds of restaurants surrounding it. It is a bustling town. 

As we stepped out of the famous Square Books shop, the sky’s opened again. We took cover in the Boure Restaurant. Delicious drinks and tasty food would brighten, not dampen our spirits!After researching several websites and asking several kind locals, the origin of the Hotty Toddy greeting and cheer is still debatable. However, it is both a greeting and a cheer. You can greet some one saying “Hotty Toddy”. The cheer is always an answer to: “Are You Ready?”

“Hell Yeah!Damn Right!

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty,

Who The Hell Are We?


Flim Flam, Bim Bam, Ole Miss By Damn!”

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